of our product range

Flange bushings

Used as bearing joints for independent suspensions of buses and transporters due to their high radial and axial stiffness.



Used as stabilizers for tansporters and trucks.


Slitted bushings

Used as highly stressed joints with long life time for the automotive industry due to their freedom from wear. Concerning the materials and surfaces the types may vary.

Rubber mounting for secondary air pumps

Rubber mounting for radiator assembly

Stabilizer bearings

Stabilizer bearings for crimp connections as well as for vulcanized stabilizer bearings.


Stop buffers for engine mounts

Rubber bushings

Rubber bushings for mounting of shock absorbers and chassis section in cylindrical and double-conical versions.


Manifolds and fasteners

Manifolds and fasteners for food and dairy industry as well as for separator technology.


Membranes for hydraulic mounts

Various molded parts

Various molded parts in different colors.


Rubber-metal cup bearings


Engine mountings


Rubber impellers with plastic bushing


Stop plates for roll-over bars


Washer disks


Coupling elements with plastic bushing